• We're in a Demo Daze


    The last few weeks of our home project have been the most gratifying. I knew going into this process that there would be times of rapid improvement and times of incremental improvement. The demolition phase has certainly lived up to the former.  Everytime we walk into the house (which mayyy or may not be every single day) there is something major that has been accomplished! Every wall that is removed, and ceiling torn down, sheds light onto our ideas coming to life.

    When I first walked through the house with Jordan and family, everyone was skeptical to my “it’s gone” mentality. It seemed like every single wall was being cut out, widened, or straight up removed. I was presented with the opinions that I might want some spaces to remain closed-off or private, but I was adamant that I wanted as much of an open concept as possible in the home.

    Another major task that took place over the past few weeks was the removal of landscaping. Previously, a perimeter of 12ft hollies surrounded the entire base of the home. Along with large shrubbery and crepe myrtles taking over the front entrance staircase. Holy cow - was I scared to walk up those stairs before. Like the inside, we walked around the house and said "gone, gone, gone". Thanks to, Appalachian Tree Service, we were able to afford the removal of everything that "had to go" in our minds. This included a few hardwoods in the front that obstructed the view of the house, and several pines that lingered over our roofline (they were just begging a storm to come through and blow them over onto our newly renovated home). Shawn who works for Appalachian Tree Service was a pleasure to work with! All of the employees were so flexible, and professional. 

    Lastly, we got our ideas together for future landscaping with Property Masters which included the removal of a large patch of Ivy in the backyard. Let's just say - mama does NOT do snakes! As Jordan pointed out, the cost to remove the Ivy (roughly $350) is drastically worth it, if it meant we never have to make a vet trip from our doggy, Stella, getting bitten by a snake playing in the Ivy. Not to mention the same, if not worse, if it were our child when she is on the go!

    That being said, let's be honest, the real reason you clicked on this post was for some photos. So feast away! Leave your thoughts in the comments below! We always love to hear your feedback! Stay tuned for more exciting decisions to come!

    Foyer looking into Office - Before

    Foyer looking into Office - Demo & Framed
    Opened existing walkway from 4ft to 6ft
    & opened wall between Study & Office
    to insert 6ft opening for french doors in both openings

    Eat-in Kitchen,  Formal Dining Room, Laundry, and Bonus Room - Before
    This image is taken standing from the Eat-in Kitchen facing towards what was once a sunken living room that you entered through a hall. Notice the "drive-thru" style window in the kitchen looking into the family room. You also see the formal dining room through the door on the left, and what you cannot see well is a the washer & driver through the door on the right.

    Kitchen, Dining Room, Family Room - Demo & Framed
    Now we have removed all the walls separating the former rooms and put a large LVL support beam to hold the load of what was once supported by the wall. Now we have an open kitchen concept that will hold a large island facing out into the vaulted family room. The dining room will hold a 7ft farm table that opens off of the Kitchen area.

    Mudroom - Demo & Framed
    The former laundry room stopped about half of the way back of the new laundry rooms depth. We have added an exterior door and removed the windows to allow for more storage space.

    Street View - Before

    Street View - Post Plant Removal
    Debris in front yard was eventually removed.

    Ivy Bed - Before

    Ivy Bed - Removed

  • Ready, Set, Reno!

    Fixer Upper, Flip or Flop, Buying and Selling.  I am willing to bet there is likely not one person left in America who has not seen, or at the very least, heard of these shows.  That being said, I like to think we are living in a world with the mentality that “if you don’t like what you see, do it yourself” so that is what Jordan and I decided to do.  Well, kinda.

    It all started with the idea to see if we could sell our first home and potentially get some more space in the burbs for our family. After seriously looking at literally EVERY home in our price point within the areas we desired, we were exhausted, unimpressed, and just fed up.

    The homes were either in terrible shape, not fitting what we desired for our family, “flipped” aka being sold at top dollar for mediocre updates, or nice (not great) and at the top of our price range. Sure, I admit we are picky and we like what we like, but to be fair we want to spend many years in this home and if we were going to reach the top of our budget– then yeah, we wanted what we wanted!

    After several sleepless nights, we finally decided that if HGTV can do it – we can too!

    **Pause for Internal thought process**
    Wait what......
    Are we sure?
    Of course!
    Wait, no.
    Oh, $**!
    Okay, we can do this!
    Yeahhhhh... The next few months are going to get interesting.
    Fast forward to where we are now.

    We found a beautiful home with great bones. This was key for us as first time renovators. We wanted our dollars, as much as possible, to be spent as “fun money” as they refer to it in the industry vs. being spent on fixes that should have been maintained regardless. We quickly selected a builder, Frame-to-Finish Builders in Atlanta, and are rocking and rolling as of this week with Demo.

    We couldn’t be more excited to share our journey with you all. You’re going to definitely want to stay tuned as I get my Joanna Gaines on (minus the good hair and makeup), and watch Jordan channel his inner Chip (in the sense that he is funny, because we all know Jordan isn’t lifting a hammer). So hopefully over this process we can give you a taste for what it is really like being newbies into the home reno world. Shedding some truthful, non-reality-tv, light on the entire process.

    Bring on #PropertyPoers okay, that was too easy, feel free to suggest some better hashtags!