About Us

My name is Lexi and I began Ivy & Simone in 2017. The idea behind Ivy & Simone sprouted from the creativity of my mother, Sandra, and inspiration from my own little one, Kennedy. #SquadGoals

The day I became a mother, I realized that the most important aspect of finding the perfect baby products was their functionality (visualize me throwing out half of the products I wasted money on during pregnancy).

That being said, I still wanted my first baby to look adorable everyday (who wouldn't?).  Cue - the creation of Ivy & Simone.  We are always searching for a new way to add a touch of style to your little ones look by providing practicality & comfort, all while being environmentally sustainable.

I have always been very passionate about utilizing safe & sustainable products around the home and on my own child.  We hope to share that passion with all of our customers by providing high-quality, sustainably sourced items.  All of our products are handmade, in the home, with heart. So whether you are buying a gift for someone else, or a little something sweet for your own baby; we hope you feel the love we've put into each and every item.

We couldn't do this without you - our customers!

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you all!